New Year 2018

Welcome to 2018 and another year of Declinegothica, the online portfolio of Birmingham photographer and digital artist, Dave Charsley.

In this new year update, you'll find new images with the brilliant models Phoenix Winters, Erika Hyde, Chloe Ozwell and Vixen Minerva and some new epica Steampunk from Scottish model Amaryllis.

I first got to work with Amaryllis at the Whitby Goth weekend back in 2007, when she was a young aspiring model and I was just starting to spread my wings and work with people from further afield than the Midlands. We stayed in contact over the years but we hadn’t had the chance for a proper photoshoot until September last year. So after multiple train journeys down from Scotland, Amaryllis and I met up in Wolverhampton for our first studio shoot in ten years! The Steampunk genre was an obvious choice for a theme and you can find two new images from this shoot in my “Steampunk” gallery. It was so good to work with her again and I hope we don’t have to wait another ten years until the next one!

Dave Charsley and Amaryllis - "A Clockwork Melodrama" Steampunk shoot, November 2017

My last event of 2017 was a mega Sci-Fi shoot featuring Phoenix Winters, Chloe Ozwell, Erika Hyde and an old friend from a couple of years ago Vixen Minerva. I've been watching episodes of the SyFy series "Blood Drive" recently and the character of "Aki" gave me lots of ideas for sexy androids swapping body parts and generally causing mayhem! I was lucky to get four models together that could share my vision and help me create some really exciting images, that I'll share early in the New Year!

Erika Hyde, Vixen Minerva, Dave Charsley, Chloe Ozwell and Phoenix Winters - "Upgrade" shoot, November 2017

I'll be back in the Spring with further images from my "Upgrade" project and images from Phoenix Winters, Erika Hyde, Chloe Ozwell and Vixen Minerva.

Dave Charsley is represented by Rogue Model Management

New in this issue...

"Siren of the Kraken", "Upgrade Four" "Cyber Doll Three", "A Mechanical Phoenix", "Daughter of the Network", "Sick Like Me", "About Face", "Glamour Brigade"

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